General Information

Engineered nanoparticles (ENP) are widely used in different industrial fields and products. In the last years, the risk potential for the release of ENP in the environment has increased as never before. ENP are expected to pass the waste-water-river-topsoil-groundwater pathway. In the terrestrial and aquatic environment ENP can undergo aging and transformation processes which can influence fate, transport and toxicological effects to different living organisms.

The scope of this workshop is to gather researchers, scientists, experts and specialists from nanoparticle and colloid science, soil and environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology or neighbouring disciplines to discuss the latest results and findings in the field of release, aging, fate, transport and toxicological effects of nanoparticles in the environment.

The Workshop will be held within the INTERNANO project "Mobility, aging and functioning of engineered inorganic nanoparticles at the aquatic-terrestrial interface".